Friday, March 26, 2010

Moscar - Rowsley

Tomorrow I'm off on another walk, as is the norm for this time of year the length of the walk has been extended over any previous ones under taken this year although the walk itself is easy and mostly on a good path and with lots of interesting things to see. This walk is not a round trip as vicki is dropping me off and picking me up later in the day. For those interested part of the route card and some details of the walk are printed below.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Edale, Hollins Cross, Kinderscout.

Here are some of the pictures from last Saturdays walk. This walk was around twelve miles in length measured by my satnav, a wonderful thing not only for showing the way but also for gathering data about the walk. I can remember when I first started walking for pleasure distances had to be calculated using a piece of thread and then I got hi-tec and bought a little wheel thing that you pushed around the map trying to follow the route. I also had a thing that I clipped to my belt that was supposed to caculate the distance by how many steps you took but what that didn't take in to account that no step was ever the same length so that was never to be relied on. You're lucky now though because when I say I walked however many miles we can be pretty sure thats how far a did walk and not a rough guess. Another very useful addition to navigation is 'Mapyx Quo' GB mapping software, the application is free but you buy the maps that you need which I think are reasonably priced compared to the paper versions. By using this software you know before you start lots of data about the walk that you are to undertake like for instance last week the minimum altitude of the walk was 765 ft and the max was 1986.5 ft the average altitude being 1500 ft. Total ascent was 2377ft. I spent 5.97 miles climbing, 5.46 miles descending and 0.61 miles of level walking. When I've planned my route I can then download it to my Garmin satnav and also print off a route card to leave with someone in case something goes wrong and they have to send out a search party.
Anyway here are the pictures from the walk which was mostly around Edale taking in Mam Tor and part of Kinder Scout. If you're looking for a peaceful walk with few people I suggest you take a day trip by bus to London as you are sure to find more solitude there than you will on this walk. Even on a cold March day the place was full of people most of whom didn't even seem like they want to be there. For these reasons I rarely venture near Kinder Scout these days but as you can see from the above data its good for putting ascent and descent on your legs.
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Edale Village

Crossing the valley

The ridge walk to Mam Tor

Rushup Edge

View from Rushup Edge
Looking towards Jacob's Ladder from Kinder Scout
As you can see from this picture one is never short of company
Looking down on Edale from the top of Grindsbrook, almost at the end of the walk.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Saturday's Route Card

On Saturday I'm planing on going for a walk, below is the route card giving details of my intended route.

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Monday, March 08, 2010

Heading off in to the sunset.

The hiking gardener and misunderstood dog heading off in to the sunset.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Lockerbrook, Alport Castles, Derwent Reserviors

Here are some pictures from the walk I under took last Saturday. This walk is a pleasant and easy walk with plenty of variety packed in to it's eleven and a half miles. It's based around the Lockerbrook, Alport Castles and the Derwent reserviors, if anyone would like more detail just ask and I will do all I can to help you.

The only real climb of the day from Fairholmes car park to Lockerbrook.
Time for a rest and a look back through the trees.

A small waterfall and watering hole near Lockerbrook Farm.

Heading over Rowlee Pasture things became quite wintery.

Could this be 'Sasquatch'?

A little shelter should the weather turn bad.
Dropping down through the trees in to the valley.

A woodland stream.

The ice covered Howden Reservior.

An ice circle
Foot bridge at Slippery Stones, always a good place to take a break.
The long road home.
Water flowing over the Derwent Dam.
The car park is just a few hundread yards from here.