Friday, April 02, 2010

Moscar - Rowsley (Part Two)

I have all the pictures ready now from last weekends walk, this is to be just the first post of several and mainly shows the route, I will present the side dishes in following posts as this is a very interesting walk. It totals eighteen miles in length but if you are capable of walking twelve to fifteen miles in the day you should manage this walk okay as it's easy walking mostly on the flat or down hill. There is a bit of a climb to start with but its very gentle. Also at the half way point there is a pub, the front door of which you pass unless you're tempted inside. It would also be a good place to break the walk up if you didn't fancy doing the whole thing in one go. So is Bob spoiling you or what? Not only does he find you a walk on a good path that's nearly all down hill, he provides a view at nearly ever single step and throws in some bonus points on interest and gives you a pub half way along the route, it doesn't get much better than this I tell you.
[As always click on the pictures you wish to enlarge]

This first picture is taken looking back to the A57 at Moscar which is where Vicki dropped me off. Thats the truth - she did drop me off and not kick me out and tell me to walk home. Shortly after starting this your route for the next four miles or so, all the time to your right there are staggering views to be had, in fact to the left also.

After the four mile walk along Stanage Edge we then follow the valley all the way down to the Longshaw Estate between Carl Wark and Burbage Edge.

Entering the Longshaw Estate.

The walk through the Longshaw Estate, the pub is not far away now.

Looking down the Derwent Valley, the walk ends somewhere in the far distance. From here we leave the high ground and walk by the river Derwent through the Chatsworth estate.

Looking back to Chatsworth House from the park. My route passing in front of the house.

Approacing the old mill that was closed in I think the sixties when I tree fell on it during a bad storm.

This next picture is the last for this post and shows the route between Calton Lees and Rowsley.

Whilst this is the last picture for this post its not the last of the walk. In the next post I will show you some of the interesting things I saw along the way so I hope you will join me another so I can share them with you.


Blogger Sara said...

What, no photo of your beer at the pub? Maybe next time....

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Laurel said...

This looks like a big improvement from your last walk, in terms of weather at least. Hmmmm . . . has she kicked you out and told you to walk home before??

10:35 PM  

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