Monday, May 12, 2008

Kinder Scout 10th May '08.

Here are a few pictures from my walk on Saturday, I call it a walk which I suppose it was but it was not like any walk I've been on for a long time. It was never meant to be easy as I'm trying to build myself up for the walk in July. But the whole day got messed up right from the start. I was parked up for an hour on the way to Edale because the police had the road blocked because of an accident so that made me late getting started. Then, although you wouldn't think so from looking at the pictures, it was very warm and humid, just the slightest movement had me sweating buckets so by the time I'd climbed on to the top of Kinder Scout it was pretty obvious I hadn't brought enough water with me so in the end I had to cut short my planned route and I was just about done in by the time I got back to the car having only completed 12 miles, it felt like twice as many.
Edale Village with Kinder Scout beyond.

An interesting water feature at the visitor centre.The footbridge out of the village.

The path to the Kinder plateau.

Kinder Downfall, this is where the river
Kinder flows over the edge of the plateau.

A view along the northern edge of Kinder Scout.
Bob's short cut home, not for the faint hearted or weak of knees. When it became apparent that I wasn't able to complete my planned route I decided to cut straight across the plateau which is full of 15 feet deep gullys, bogs and thick heather, I'm not really sure how much of a short cut it was in the end, it was shorter but far from easy. So some time soon I need to go back and try again because if I can't do better than this I wouldn't feel confident about undertaking my long walk.