Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good Idea.

Hello everyone,

You won't have seen me on here for a while as I haven't been doing any walking this year, I'm having a gap year LOL! I know, I'm supposed to have had it when I was younger but I didn't so I'm haivng it now - okay?

Actually I'm only writing this because Vicki came up with a good idea, she suggested the other night that I walk across England. Well that sounds great thought I, but then it always does while you're sitting on the couch, even the planning is fun but the night before you're due to embark on your carefully planned adventure you suddenly realise you forgot something, its not easy walking non stop for two whole weeks carrying your home on your back. Its no surprise why snails move so slow, its cos they're knackered.

Anyway I will keep you posted on what happens next - if anything.