Friday, April 27, 2007

Sneaky Bob.

I don’t have any walks to tell you about today, we did go on a walk this morning as usual, it started to rain and Bob had left his coat at home so we came back after a short way. Of course the minute you look like you are going in to the house Bob is telling me to stay on the door mat,

‘You’re not coming here with those feet’, he says.

Well its okay for him, he can take his feet off! So I have to wait on the door mat while he fetches my breakfast. The minute I get done though he’s telling me in a stern voice to ‘Stay’, or sometimes he will tell me to get my feel licked. My feet are too dirty to walk on the kitchen floor but he expects me to put them in my mouth.

He’s been trying to trick me today. I’m having forty winks on his bed and I hear him sneak in from work, I can’t be bothered to get up though so I lie there a while until I hear him sneaking up the stairs so I quickly jump off the bed and meet him before he can see me on the bed. I’ve caught him twice with his camera today, I know he’s trying to get a picture of me, he’s got to be quicker than that to catch me though – LOL!

Anyway it’s like I keep telling him when he’s pulling my leg about being a useless guard dog, if he wants me to be a guard dog I need a wage rise, a nice plate of liver and onions or a steak a day isn’t too much to ask for is it?

Best wishes,
Misunderstood Tommy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bleaklow Stones.

For the first part of this walk see Tuesday, October 24, 2006 as it’s the same route as far as Alport Castles. Bob didn’t have his usual camera with him and it wasn’t until nearly reaching Bleaklow Hill that he realised he wasn’t using it right. He should concentrate on what he’s doing instead of keep telling me what I should be doing.

This first picture is as we reached Bleaklow Hill, we’d already had a break at Alport Castles but Bob was ready for another one by now as it was quite a long way across those moors.

We quite enjoyed ourselves looking around at all the rocks, Bob told me that it was the weather that carved all the different shapes, I thought this one looks like an anvil.
Bob liked the one below, he reckons that if a human carved this he would be called a genius and be able to buy a small house with the money he could get from selling it. I’ve been trying to tell him for ages that humans aren’t as smart as they think they are cos mother nature carved it for free without even trying, that’s what I call genius.

Well come on now, we’ve still got a long way to go, I think Bob would still be there now sleeping in the heather if I didn’t go and sit on him, I wanted to get going though because I could smell a hare just down the hill from where were resting. Unfortunately as we got closer Bob made me walk to heel, I didn’t want too but I chased one earlier and Bob got angry cos I ran off so he fastened me to the lead and made me pull him up the hill so I did as I was told this time. He said I was a good boy and gave me a biscuit so I guess it was okay really.
A bit further down the hill we came upon a small lake, I really wanted to jump in because that’s my fav thing to do, I wasn’t sure Bob would like it though so I waited by the edge until he caught up with me and guess what? He told me to jump in the lake, it was so good and I really enjoyed splashing around trying to catch the ripples.
The next bit of the walk was down a deep gully cut in to the peat, Bob said we could do with some of this peat for our garden, it would have been a long way to carry it home though.

In this next picture I’m just on my way back to see what’s keeping Bob, he’s a bit slow sometimes.
We had to cross the river you see below, it was a steep climb up to the track from the river so we stopped for a rest and Bob took this picture to show you where we had just come from.
As we walked down the track to Slippery Stones the weather brightened up no end, it had been quite dull for most of the walk. I think Bob was getting ready for another rest because I was having to keep waiting for him. I kept on wishing he would let me go play in the river but he never said anything so I just stayed on the track.
At Slippery Stones we stopped for another break, I like breaks because Bob shares his cheese sandwiches and cake with me. This was a really nice place to stay because it was right by the river and Bob let me play in it while he rested. We had such fun I didn't want to leave.
There was still another four miles to walk and after already walking thirteen miles we were getting a bit tired and the time was getting on so we had to leave but Bob promised to take me there again one day. On the way back from Slippery Stones we met up with my grandma who had been having a little walk by herself – she is even slower than Bob so can’t walk very far so she went by herself. With all the excitement I hadn’t realised how tired I was but when I saw the car I just wanted to get in and have a sleep. Bob Lifted me in the back of the car because I didn’t feel like jumping. We had a really good day and we went back to grandma’s to eat some fish and chips.