Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day Six

Day six on the Pennine Way was wet(just for a change) LOL! I climbed Great Shunner Fell in very heavy rain driven by a strong cold wind, thankfully the rain eased in the afternoon on the walk to Keld and then on to the Tan Hill Inn. The climb up Great Shunner Fell was a pretty desperate affair as you can imagine with no reward of a view of any kind on reaching the summit. I phoned home then got on my way as I was frozen by the wind blowing through my wet clothes. Once through Thwaite the weather started to pick up and continued to improve for the reat of the day and tonight is quite pleasent. Because of the weather and everything being soaking wet I ask at the inn what accommodation they had to offer, I felt the price they were askng for a room was a bit much and was going to take a bunk in the bunk house but then I decided to give myself a break for a night so now I'm living it up in my own room in the inn. I haven't bothered going down for a meal, mostly because my clothes are half rotten after nearly a week of being wet, also I think I probably spent enough on the room so I've just had my camping food in my room. Also last night after writing my report to you I went for another pint of cider which was very good, I was about to return to my tent when this guy came in and started talking to me about my walk, he seemed quite taken by what I was doing and called his wife in to come and meet me. He then saw my glass was empty and bought me another drink and he and his wife joined me and we had several more drinks and didn't get back to my tent until gone ten. They were also staying in a tent near to mine but I didn't get to see them this morning before I left. Today I arrived here at the same time as the dutch lad I met the other day so I had a drink with him before he went on his way, I don't expect to see him again as he will be a way in front of me now. A short while ago I saw the man with the two boys outside the inn, not sure if they're in their tent or the bunkhouse, I haven't seen them to speak to for a couple of days now. I will be a bit later setting off tomorrow as they don't start breakfast until 8 and I'm usually getting away by that time but you can't have everything, at least I will start the day with everything dry.



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