Monday, October 08, 2007

Look Where Bob's Taking Us.

Hi Guys, guess what Bob just did? He went and booked a holiday kennel and he's going to take me and Tippy and Vicki on holiday to Scotland in November - its enough to make me spin round in circles and chase me tail. This is the kennel he's taking us too.This is the couch, it sure looks cumfy, not sure where anyone else is supposed to sit though.
This is the room where we like to get in Vicki's way, its real good fun tripping her up so she drops food for us to help clean up.
Mmmm... I can just see myself lying in front of that stove after a hard days sight seeing.
Here is Bob and Vicki's bed
Guess who sleeps here?!!

Ha ha - yeh right Tom, Black dogs in white bedding - I don't think so mate.
Bobs just mad cos he's had to pay an extra £20 for each for us dogs to go, anyone would think we weren't worth it.


Blogger Kimmie said...

Looks very serene and lovely. Hope you and Vicki and the pups will have a wonderful the ambling stone wall you can spot outside the windows.

We are having a missionary come and stay with us next week, (Uncle Fred)...he is from Scotland...though now he helps run a 'children's home' (orphanage) in the Ukraine. God bless is Scottish heart and soul, the man is in his late 70's. My knight met him on a mission trip to Hungary-they became fast friends and for the past 4 years he has made us his ~October family. Such a sweet man...

enjoy your day.
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Phil Voice said...

Hi Bob

Glad to see you continuing to blog:) I thought from your mysterious 'wait and see' post that the gamekeepers had won the game of the gate.

I do understand the security issues with your employers but I also thought that you were more than discreet and I never got a clue as to where the house was or who it belonged to.

What I am going to miss most is the hands on gardening. I hope you will get chance to migrate some of your posts over to this blog and your more than welcome to have a guest section at Landscape Juice if you want it.

Anyway, the point of posting here was to ask, when you go on your holiday, if you can think of a good screening plant for the great big oil tank plonked right in the middle of the lawn beside the house?

All the best


7:47 AM  

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