Tuesday, October 16, 2007

West Highland Way (Part Six).

After a breakfast of hot bran muesli and a cup of tea I packed up and was away by 9am. I was surprised by the lack of aches and pains, I thought after yesterday I would be feeling half dead today but not so. My legs were in better shape than when I started yesterday so I think things must be looking up.

The morning in Doune Bothy, (9:00am).
Doune Bothy from the side that I approached it last night.
Within half a mile the path left the shoreline of Loch Lomond and almost at the same time the path improved quite considerably. I had now reached the head of the loch and was approaching Beinglas Farm.

View back down Loch Lomond, (36.75 miles).
The View forward to Glen Falloch, (37 Miles - 09:55am).

After which I came to a good track beside the river Falloch at the start of Glen Falloch. Shortly before reaching the Falls of Falloch the path once again took a turn for the worse becoming wet and boggy. I persevered for a short while dodging back and forth to avoid the worst areas. Apart from make progress slow it was also trying it’s best to make me wet and muddy. As a rule this wouldn’t bother me, a bit of mud won’t hurt you, but when the only clothes you have are the ones you’re wearing for the sake of respectability at a later date you have to take a bit more care to keep them clean.

The Falls of Falloch.

Away in front I could see two other people, and judging by their actions they were having the same problems as me. This made me decide to put on my gaiters now rather than later. It was a bit of a bother having to stop and unpack them when I was in my stride but I knew it was for the best and after all it’s why I was carrying them. It was well worth it because now I didn’t have to tread so carefully or do so much dodging back and forth, I was able to make much better and easier progress.

In no time at all I’d caught up with the people who were in front of me. They turned out to be a young man and woman. As I drew level with them at a particularly wet bit the girls feet slipped from under her and with a shriek and a splat she landed on her back in the quagmire. It was the sort of thing you can see and feel happening yet all you can do is stand and watch. The man and I stood and looked at each other whilst the girl tried in vain to brush off the mud and her embarrassment. She assured us that the only thing hurt was her pride. I figured this would perhaps mostly easily cured by me not being there so I said my goodbyes and left them, I thought as I walked along how unfortunate life can be sometimes. I was probably the first person they’d seen all day and there was a good chance I’d be the last until Crainlarich. To fall in the mud when on your own would have been bad enough but to do it in front of an audience adds greatly to ones embarrassment.


Blogger Jeanette said...

Hi Bob, I think you got lost on the way know No.6... Just joking.
Ouch every bone creeking getting up of the concrete floor.
well at least you had a roof over your head and a fire to keep you warm and a warm breakfast to start the new day and another long trek though muddy paths. oh that poor Girl falling in the mud how embarassing for her.I bet you had a little giggle when you went on your way.
Take care Bob. Jen

7:31 AM  
Blogger UKBob said...

Ha ha - well spotted Jeanette, I was wondering if anyone would spot my deliberate mistake LOL! There was a fireplace but I didn't light a fire as it was plenty warm enough when I arrived and I didn't have the time anyway. You sleep on the raised platform rather than the concrete floor although there is nothing to say you can't and the wooden platform is hardly any softer than the concrete so in that respect it wouldn't make any difference.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Bob ~~ Enjoying reading about you big walk, and glad you felt better on this day. Any chance of you sketching a little map for us with the notable places marked ~ or is that too hard? Took more pics today of my Pelagoniums today and have a nice lot and am pleased with the variety this year. Take care,
Cheers, Merle.

10:10 AM  

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