Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fairholmes Via Alport Castles & Slippery Stones. (1)

Tommy and I arrived by car at Fairholmes car park at around 10:30 and left on foot some 15 minutes later. Tommy was excited by the thought of a day in the hills as was I to some extent. The first part of our walk was a climb through dark woods to Lockerbrook Farm. Not long after entering the trees I decided to let Tommy off the lead but he was so excited that he just went off in all directions at the same time but worse still he didn’t come back to me when I shouted him so when I finally caught up to him he was put back on the lead at the same time being told that if he can’t do as he is told then attached to the lead he would stay.

Then there was a clearing in the trees there were some good views back across the valley. I wasn't bothered myself, being very fit and what have you but for Tommy's sake I stopped several times to check the views.

View across to Lockerbrook Farm

Looking to Lose Hill from Rowlee Pasture.

After pulling me up the hill to Lockerbrook I think he got the message because past Lockerbrook we headed out over the moors, there was another guy way up ahead but that was all so I let Tommy go again and this time he acted much better and although he strayed from the path a couple of times at first he came back the second I called him and soon he had the hang of following the path and leaving any tempting smells off the path to his imagination. We met someone going the opposite way to us, he stopped for a chat and before leaving gave Tommy a fuss, Tommy took the opportunity to check him out with a few sniffs to the trouser leg.

The Lone Walker On Birchin Lee Pasture.

We crossed Rowlee Pasture and Birchinlee Pasture to Alport Castles where we decided to stop and have some lunch. It was here that we caught up to the other hiker we had seen in the distance some way back, it turned out to be a teacher looking to meet up with some of his pupils who were out for a walk in the hills. He made himself comfortable under the old broken down wall and waited for the pupils to turn up, he was still waiting for them when we left after eating lunch. The wind was fairly whipping up the valley so we too looked for a sheltered place under the old stone wall. Tommy seemed to appreciate the views because he kept on going to the edge of the hill and looking down to the valley floor way below. Every now and then he came back to see if I left him anything which of course I did. He eventually made a bed by the side of me and had a little rest.

One of the rock formations at Alport Castles.


Blogger Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi Bob! I didn`t recognise you until I clicked on this new blog of yours.
Lovely pictures! The moors are so pretty. Now I`m off to have a look at Vicki`s flowers. How sweet you are to present her arrangements for everyone to see!


12:52 PM  
Blogger Sissy said...

Hi Bob! Wonderful pictures! Is this a new blog?
I have a head strong dog, myself, and have just purchased the dogtra 175. It reminds her who is the boss when we are out walking!!

2:39 PM  
Blogger Jeanette said...

Hi Bob
I feel ive been on this walk with you. The Scenery is beautiful just love the Moores, the Valleys.
Hope you had a good rest under that tree before your return Trek.Glad Tommy got over his tummy upset and he's still ok.
Take care keep roaming.

Ps I have added this site to my side bar Ihope you dont mind.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stunning views, bob! I couldn't let my dog off the lead. She'd bolt.

2:33 AM  
Blogger HORIZON said...

Beautiful landscape Bob. Hope you are wearing the right boots this time :)
Tommy sounds like a great companion for you while out on these walks. Wonder if anyone has ever taken a picture of you and Tommy from a distance.

2:55 PM  

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