Monday, October 23, 2006

Fairholmes Via Alport Castles & Slippery Stones. (2)

The wind was cold on the hill so we didn’t stay too long. We left Alport Castles and headed down off the hill to the Howden Reservoir. We’d not long been walking when Tommy stopped and started to be sick and he continued to be this way for the rest of the walk, I don’t know what caused him to be this way and he didn’t show any other signs of being ill, he still brought me sticks to throw and he was soon jumping around in any streams that we came upon.

The walk along the side of the Reservoir was very pleasant, much warmer than on the hill.

There were quite a few cyclists on this part of the walk too, one nearly made us jump out of our skins as neither me nor Tommy heard him approaching behind us.

We saw several lots of interesting and colourful toad stools on the way to Slippery Stones.

At Slippery Stones there is a river that Tommy likes to play in and there is a tree where I like to sit against and watch him, that’s if I don’t doze off to sleep. The sun was very warm here and so we stayed quite a while resting and drinking coffee from the flask I took along.

The Sleeping Tree At Slippery Stones.

From here it was just 4 miles along the track be the side of the reservoir back to the car. I hadn’t been hiking for a while so I was feeling a bit tired by now so I didn’t rush things, especially with Tommy still being sick every now and then, I was getting quite worried about him at this point.

Tommy Checking Out The Route.

Anyway we just about managed to stagger back to the car. The only thing that happened between Slippery Stones and the car was when we were about half way we stopped to look at some birds and this guy came past us and as he did so I noticed he had a walkie talkie clipped to his belt, this meant he was a park ranger. He got away down the track then turned and came back so I quickly fastened Tommy back on his lead. I don’t think he was bothered but I didn’t want to spoil the day by getting in to trouble for having my dog off the lead. It turned out he was coming back to take a picture of the birds, at least that’s what he said.

On the way to my parents we called in at Stoney Middleton and bought fish and chips for dinner. Thankfully Tommy wasn’t sick in the car, in fact he hasn’t been sick since we stopped walking so I don’t know what was going on with him. Anyway I had a good day and if Tommy doesn’t run and hide next time the backpack comes out I reckon that means he had a good day too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the photo's what a beautiful area to be able to walk. I have visited England and walked some of the available walks, my dream is to be able to do it again sometime.
Cheers Margaret

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful country! I enjoyed the walk also and I loved it cause I had no aching feet! hahaha! Glad Tommy got to feeling better. Maybe he chewed on a plant that wasn't good for him. Our dog does that sometimes.
I very much appreciated you dropping by my blog and commenting on the Veteran's Day entry. I feel the same as you, no matter what, we must support them.
I am hoping that our democrats will keep some of their promises and get them out starting this next year. One of my sons is deploying back there soon and I would sure like to see that changed or even his time shortened.
Please take care- PMO3WS

12:52 AM  
Blogger HORIZON said...

Do you think perhaps that Tommy ate/licked any of the toadstools? Have heard that even if you touch the red ones you should wash your hands after.
Bet those fish and chips tasted great at the end of the day- a bit like that outdoor cup of tea when camping- nothing better :)

2:58 PM  

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